Announcement of 2018 course

Sunday 1  – Friday 6 July 2018

Corfu – Greece

Professors Thomas Indermühle and Spyros Kontos present the

13th International Oboe Course of Corfu

focusing on solo performance, including the fundamentals of oboe-playing and reed-making skills.

Participants will have intensive oboe instruction for six days. They are asked to bring their choice of Oboe literature, 3-4 pieces of diverse epochs.

Mr. Indermühle works intensively one-on-one with each person in half-hour segments, carefully assessing each oboist’s strengths and needs to improve performance skills. Mr. Kontos works in the same way on alternate days.

After the individual-lesson sessions, there will be daily group lessons focusing on problems of breathing, embouchure, tuning control, register changes, articulation etc. Mr. Indermühle gives original exercises (watch videos of past years), which suit to all levels.

There will be also a reed-making session, and possibly orchestral excerpts lesson, given by Mr. Kontos.

Students will give a concert with works for Oboe ensembles; the concert is open to the public. There is no piano accompanist at the course.

For inquiries, please call +30-6937150849 (Spyros) or email at

Course Fees

The course fees are 550 € in total, including tuition & accommodation (7 nights in Hotel, double rooms, no breakfast). No meals are included.

A registration fee of 50 € is required. This registration fee cannot be reimbursed.

Payment in full on the beginning of the course.

At the conclusion of the master class, each participant will receive a certificate.


*Open the file, fill in the form and send it to

  • You can also apply here:


Please read as well the page of “General Information – Terms & Conditions” using the link info 2018.

Notice that the number of active participants is limited (12), in the order of inscription.

Closing date for inscriptions will be the 25th June 2018.


Hotel City Marina situated at the old port in the old town. You can reach the school and the city by walk.  Internet access, restaurants, bars, beach and more facilities are available.

Arrival at Corfu: 30 June // Departure: 7 July

*If you wish diferent arrival/departure dates, please write this into your inscription and you will be informed for any extra charges this could cost.

Course location

Corfu Island, Greece

“Paleá” Philharmonic Society of Corfu

Nikiforos Theotoki 10, Corfu
Tel: +30 26610 39289

Map where you can find all locations concerning the course (Google map)


In the previous years participants were coming from: Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, England, Estonia, Russia, USA, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia.

…and studing in institutes like:

Musikhochshule Karlsruhe, Conservatoire Supérieure de Musique Paris, Royal Academy London, Musikhochschule Zürich, Amsterdam Conservatory, Guildhall College London, Royal Conservatory Hague, Royal Conservatory Brussels, “Reina Sofia” Madrid, Bruckner University Linz, Arts Academy Roma, Konservatorium Hamburg, Music Academy Lubliana, Conservatory St. Petersbourg, Music Academy Gothenburg, Sidney University, Music Academy Zagreb, Tel Aviv University, Hong Kong Academy, Conservatorio Salamanca, Conservatorio Illes Balears, Ionian University Corfu, University Macedonia of Thessaloniki, Hong Kong Academy, Taipei University, Tokyo University, Musashino Academia, Kunitachi College etc.


videos from concert 2014 b

Jean Michel Muller                          Sonata N. 2

(1683 – 1743)

Oboe: Katrin Smith, Rinko Sasaoki, Rie Koyanagi, Itzel Mendez Martinez, Boris Fatulaev, Christos Tsogias Razakov. English Horn: Elisa Metus, Viviana Macelletti. Bass Oboe: Toshiyuki Hosogaya. Conductor: Thomas Indermühle

videos from concert 2014 a

Dinos Constantinides  (*1929)                       Reflections I (1982-89) LRC 87b

for Soprano, Oboe, Oboe d’ amore, English Horn

  1. Look (Slow)
  2. Walk (Moderate)
  3. Intermezzo
  4. Dance away (Fast)

Artemis Bogri (Soprano), Thomas Indermühle (Oboe), Spyros Kontos (Oboe d’ amore), Viviana Macelletti (English Horn)